Publication date: 09/05/2022

Cement splitting machines: an increasingly versatile finish

For some time now, concrete ‘blocks’, solid or hollow, have been used in civil and industrial construction as an alternative to the traditional building products of stone and brick. Indeed, stone, as well as being expensive, has technical characteristics that are sometimes inconstant and linked to the quarry and the veining of the rock, while brick, while presenting a relative homogeneity, as it is man-made, does not allow for the wide possibilities of chromatic and texture variations. On the contrary, the cement block is an artificial element in which the size, grain size, type of surfaces, colour, as well as breathability and degree of water absorption, can be precisely arranged by the manufacturer according to the characteristics required by the market.

Il blocco di cemento costruito come deciso trasferisce alla muratura tutte le sue caratteristiche intrinseche ed estetiche. The best designers have well understood these aspects, and preferring for cultural and economic reasons materials that are truly visible, or at least not coated, have initiated new construction methods with the use of the cement. The materials used are blocks produced with vibrated concrete, consisting of a mixture of dosed cement and washed quarry aggregates of a suitable grain size to obtain good aesthetic characteristics of homogeneity in terms of surface finish.

This development has been made possible by the tendency of the most successful builders to use exposed materials, and by an industry that has taken up the challenge and overcome the technical problems of producing and laying coloured and waterproofed exposed concrete blocks. It can therefore be said that compressed vibrated concrete blocks with the qualities and values they now possess, both thermal and architectural, have conqueredall areas of masonry such as cladding, walls, road works, gardens in the public, commercial, industrial or residential sectors.

MEC, an entirely Italian company, has been fully involved in this constructive progress, transferring its undisputed technological know-how to the production of automated machines for splitting stone, cement and also concrete splitting plants. The company has thus become an important international partner for companies in the cement industry wishing to produce split concrete shapes, also known as fair-faced, with the guarantee of obtaining a quality finished product with an excellent split.

Flexibility and the pursuit of efficiency for the customer’s production process are not the only features that set MEC apart internationally. Because of its origin, Mec pays particular attention to the quality of split cement products. And for this we use all technical measures to give the customer the highest quality finished product.

Cement splitting machines: an increasingly versatile finish

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