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The stone handling is no more a problem: let’s discover how with Mec

When we reflect on the stone splitting and its processing, we should never forget the fact that we are moving quintals of heterogeneous material of different shapes. This is why it’s clear that starting from a certain size and weight, it’s necessary to use a mechanical stone handling system, feeding in this way with continuity and regularity both the single machine and a combined series of machines, increasing significantly the productivity. Thanks to this solution, the operator, who has an irreplaceable control function, does not have to manually move the input material, saving risk and time and reducing considerably the physical effort.  

Depending on the weight and the shape, the loading of the input material is made using the pallet or forklifts that brings the piece directly on the conveyor belt – i.e. transport lines that can serve both the single machine and an integrated combination of machines, chosen and positioned according to the needs. Or even using alternative and innovative solutions as robots, if the material does not have such a significant weight. In addition to loading, the belt also acts as an unloader and moves the workpieces.

These conveyors play a decisive role in the management and rationalisation of activities: they can, for example, create material sorting crossroads for several machines, or they can allow the feeding, loading and unloading of parts outside the factories, where it’s often possible to work more comfortably with excavators and loaders. A typical feature of a conveyor belt as a stone handling system is the movement and rotation of the workpieces, so that they are precisely positioned under the splitting blades.

Steel slats conveyor, rubber belt conveyor, rollers conveyor, fixed or mobile conveyor…  These are just some of the options we offer to our customers trying to find and suggest the best solution for all production, loading, unloading purposes, depending on their inquiry.

Besides conveyors, there are other stone handling systems for the transfer/positioning/centring of the pieces. We are talking about hydraulic manipulators and pushers, both mechanical and hydraulic. These devices, placed in specific points of the lines, allow to position correctly the pieces in transit with greater precision.

Manipulators are systems that literally take the stone, hold it and position it correctly under the splitting blades. They can operate manually or be completely automated.

While the pushers only have the function of pushing, which is carried out as a translation in one direction only. They do not therefore offer the possibility of picking up a piece that has already been partially moved to make it proceed in different directions from the previous ones.

Why should you use these stone handling systems? Simple. Because thanks to these systems the operator can easily move blocks of stone of a certain importance without requiring any kind of physical effort, in this way he can assume much more correct postures than in the past.

Beyond this benefit, Mec is able to integrate, according to your needs, these handling systems to your splitting plant, so as to considerably increase productivity – whether it is a conveyor belt, a pusher or even a manipulator.

The features of these systems? Efficiency. Customization. Speed. Security. Space saving.

Standard or customized stone handling systems. This all depends on the weight of the material to move and on the productivity requirements. Mec is able to offer the best solution on the market, assuring flexibility and excellent performances in terms of productivity. If you need to get more info about this topic, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page or directly on Facebook, a team of experts will be able to satisfy all your needs, doubts or curiosity.

The stone handling is no more a problem: let’s discover how with Mec

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