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Stone splitting machine P4: the words of those people who chose us

MEC is always focused on satisfying the requirements of its customers, not only through high performance machines for stone splitting and processing, but also through customsolutions. MEC pursues a detailed understanding of customer requirements and then proposes solutions that best meet the desired outcome. In a market where capability, speed, and automation are advancing so fast, this gives MEC customers the edge over other factories using different brands.

In order to explain more precisely the work that MEC does, please consider this brief summary of a recent customer solution developed by MEC. This is a customer in need of a solution in North America.

The customer’s requirement

Recent architectural trends have called for the inclusion of large stone blocks and larger format dimension stone. The production of such large pieces, however, is not easy and anything above hand cutting requires specific machinery and capability.

This is exactly the problem that our North American customer has had to face: the 

continued need for precision splitting and processing of ever larger dimension granite.  The challenge placed before MEC was to create granite panels with split face that would yield the 2500 mm x 650 mm dimensions required by designers and architects.

The MEC response

In order to achieve these results, MEC studied the problem and developed a custom solution. The new machine P4 2500×600 was born. Since granite is a hard stone without layers, it requires an appropriate frame. This machine was being designed to produce not only split granite, but precision split granite, and would require particular attention to frame rigidity.  For this reason, our special P4 has been designed with a frame suitable to contain the forces needed to break 600 mm granite, a considerable height, especially for a material such as granite.

In addition to the top and bottom blades, this machine is also equipped with side splitters. Properly used, they ensure an excellent split profile, especially on the sides of the stones. Uniform splitting power is able to be exerted on the entire perimeter of the stone. This simultaneous force application ensures a clean cut and a regular and repeatable profileof the stone. Through this process, the usual limitations of concave or convex defects are minimized.

While the development of this machine means that it is the only one of its kind in the world, MEC did not stop there. Along with the development of this unique machine, MEC also designed an automated line which will accommodate the variations in size and include a secondary processing machine for smaller parts production. In other words, the material from the large splitter can be unloaded as a finish product, or may continue towards a smaller secondary machine for the production of such products as wall stones or curbs.

To increase the productivity of the company, our customer has chosen a fully automated system that allows him to satisfy the increasing demand for multi-products and dramatically reduce the labor requirements.

All this has been possible thanks to the experienceexpertise and know-how of MEC personnel.

MEC has been passionate about the production of innovative solutions since 1996. If you’d like more information or have any questions about our machines or our company, please feel free to contact us: A MEC expert is ready to answer all your questions.

Stone splitting machine P4: the words of those people who chose us

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