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Stone coverings: which one to choose and why?

Nowadays there are many materials that can be used to cover and decorate our houses. Among many materials, stone still holds the record because it gives the home a better appearance.

In order to create quality stone claddings, it’s necessary to choose a type of stone that best suits the house. Before anything else, you need to know that the stone is not all the same. There are different colours, different types of shapes and sizes that allow you to play a lot to get a more surprising final effect.

First of all, which stones can be used? Stones such as slate, quartzite, travertine, porphyry, granite, marble, basalt, onyx and many others can be used both indoors and outdoors covering.

Which products can be obtained for internal and external stone cladding? The types of product used range from square and rectangular stone tiles, with split or milled edges, to big rustic ashlars, traditional cladding slabs or thin elements made by splitting little strips or skirting, and so on.

There is practically no building design where the split product cannot be used, whether to cover underlying masonry or as a traditional, all-stone support wall. And so cladding, viewed in its widest meaning (and therefore including stone support wall) is a type of utilization that has no limitation, being applicable to works fully respecting local traditions or those a bit more modern in character where stone is included as an element of refinement and elegance.

Going into detail in the world of splitting, what are the machines that allow you to obtain cladding slabs, strips, borders, rather than wall stones or thin veneer products for coating your home? Mec offers you a range of products, such as open-frame machines for splitting uneven materials, closed-frame machines for splitting materials with regular and/or sawn surface, thin veneer cutting machines with one or more diamond blades, automatic machines for the stone finishing and automatic systems for high production. All these machines can be combined with the stone handling systems to enhance the production, compact crushers of different sizes for waste recovery.

All types of machinery that can split, cut, finish and crush any type of natural stone and even concrete.

Let’s take some practical examples. Do you want to give the tiles special finishes, recovering in this way the sawing waste, but you don’t know which is the machinery that lends best to this process? Thanks to the Pitching Series you can obtain what you are looking for: from the pitched effect to the finishing of stone and concrete blocks with surface already split. According to your specific needs, the Pitching Series machines can be either manual or automatic.

Or again… Do you need to recover stone waste with irregular shape in order to obtain thin veneer products? Thanks to the Fast Series cutting machine, you will be able to reach the goal you set out. This type of machine allows you to obtain thin slabs, cutting both the softest materials such as sandstone and marble, to the hardest ones such as granite and quartzite and even concrete. One of the characteristics of this cutting machinery is the possibility to process both big and small materials, even with the same machine but with maximum performance.

And the famous wall stones, a product widely used since Roman times, with which machine can be obtained? The choice is very wide, starting from open-frame and manual machines such as the C Series or the Trittico Series for the splitting of uneven or irregular stones and boulders, to the closed-frame machines for the splitting in automatic mode of regular or sawn piece of stone.

These are just some of the examples that can be obtained with the Mec machines for the internal and external stone coating!

Each Mec machine is modular and highly customizable, which means that, based on your production needs, the type and shape of the input material to be processed, Mec builds custom machines, ensuring a 360° customization. Whether it’s splitting and cutting or finishing and crushing.

Do you want to have wall stones to cover your fireplace rather than the wall of your house? Ask us for more details by contacting us through our contact page or directly on our Facebook page, a team of experts will be able to satisfy all your needs, doubts or curiosity.

Stone coverings: which one to choose and why?

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