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Finishing the stone, which machine is the most suitable for you and why?

MEC is not limited to design and build machines for splitting and cutting of the stone and concrete, but moves on with its evolution, dedicating an entire range of machines for finishing. 

There were developed the machines for pitching of sawn strips, making them the effect of rustic stone, split, while maintaining a suitable thickness for laying on interior or exterior wall coverings. The other machines process the split pieces and make them a curved rounded effect, working on the edges. There are some more different machines, which process the sawn sides of large strips. The particular processing of Pitching series can also be applied on concrete, making very special effects on it. We are talking about the Pitching Series.

These machines are not only used on stone, but the same special processing can also be applied on concrete: pitching and peeling slabs or give them a more rounded splitting effect, are all processing that also lends the concrete special splitting finishes. 

MEC has developed ideas and various demands of the customers, who has been doing this kind of processing manually, focusing on the automation of certain processes to increase productivity with complete safety.

The proposals vary according to the customer’s requirements, the size of the input materials, the final product you want to obtain, and the productivity required.

MEC has 5 types of machines for finishing the stone in the Pitching Series:


Ideal for the recovery of stone sawing, the Horizontal T1 is an automatic machine equipped with one head with tool that pitches natural stone slabs completely sawn in order to obtain thin veneer products and wall claddings with one face split side in view. The T1 version is suitable for those who do not have large production requirements, since this machine works one side of the plate at a time.

The machine can also be supplied complete with a conveyor belt which brings back the piece pitched on one side to the operator. In this way it’s easier for him to load the same piece to process it on the other side.


While the Horizontal T2, thanks to the presence of the two heads with tool, pitches (peels) both sides of the slabs obtaining in a single passage the rustic and split surface, so sought-after for coverings. Thanks to the two heads, the productivity of this version is very high.

As for the Horizontal T1, the version T2 allows to recover the stone sawing or other processing of the material as well.

Furthermore, both the Horizontal T1 and the Horizontal T2 allow to pitch different kind of stones starting from the softest, such as sandstone and marble, to the hardest ones, such as granite and quartzite and even concrete.


The Pitching Side is a manual machine with a close and vertical frame and equipped with 4 dumping blades that finish the edges of a split block, creating a rounded effect on the split face. 

This finishing is very sought after by architects and designers. This machine is adjusted and operated manually but the splitting cycle is completely automatic.


Always working on the finishing of the edges and the rounded effect of wall stones already split, the PITCHING ONE is the fully automatic version in both handling and processing.

This small machine is equipped with 4 rotating heads, two with vertical action and two with horizontal action. This is ideal for those who need big and constant productivity.


The Beaver is an automatic machine that peels/pitches the sides of slabs, covers or steps giving them a rustic effect, once laid.

Even today we arrive at the end of this short article regarding the machines for the special finishing of stone and concrete slabs and blocks. Ask us for more details by contacting us through our contact page or directly on our Facebook page, a team of experts will be able to satisfy all your needs, doubts or curiosity.

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