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Discover all the technologies for stone splitting with MEC books

In the past years, MEC has collaborated with Dr. Pietro Primavori, a geologist and international consultant in the stone branch. The result of such collaboration followed the creation of two volumes entirely dedicated to the splitting of stone.

Both books are published respectively in 2011 and 2018. They were born from the idea of ​​making tools available to everyone, advising in the characteristics and applications, as well as in the performance and advantages of stone splitting.

Why did MEC think of a publication on splitting? The reasons are different. First of all, it offers the branch operators a useful technical tool for disseminating the characteristics and properties of the split. The books are written by Pietro Primavori, in collaboration with MEC. They contain information for the promotion of the culture of split stone and its technology. The two volumes – entitled “The splitting of stone materials: characteristics, technology, applications” and “Split stone” – also illustrate the intended use of the products produced for splitting, and have a purpose of being useful tools for architects and designers to choose of the use of split stone in their projects.

What do the volumes on the stone splitting contain?

In the stone materials branch, the split identifies a forced subdivision of an element into minor elements. It has been practicing by man since ancient until nowadays. Today this practice takes advantage of electro-hydraulic systems.

The split artifacts find application in various fields: from construction (for floors, claddings, architectural components) to urban furniture, passing through design, sacred art, road, hydraulic and infrastructural works.

The volume “The splitting of stone materials”, in particular, describes the splitting of natural stone in the articulation of its supply chain. The various themes wind their way through seven chapters, supplemented by three final parts, dedicated to the corporate identity, advice for making a sample, and a substantial technical lexicon. This volume is available in Italian, German, and English.

In the next volume, “La Pietra a spacco”, the contents of the previous book are taken up and refined, considerably expanding the section dedicated to works made with split stone. The iconographic apparatus of the book is also significant, it has hundreds of images, diagrams, and tables. Both volumes are available in both languages: Italian and English. This volume is available in Italian.

How to buy books on stone splitting?

To purchase our books, you just need to send an e-mail to or fax to +39 0461 780164, specifying the number of copies, what language do you prefer (Italian or English), and the destination address complete with a telephone number.

Our team will respond promptly, providing you with the budgetary numbers (also calculating the shipping costs by courier in Italy, Europe, or the world) and our bank details to make the advance payment.

For any further information on the books or even on our solutions for stone splitting, do not hesitate to contact us: MEC experts are at your disposal!

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