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Stone waste recycling through crushing: regulations, origins and machines

Dec 13, 2018 3:39:35 PM

The correct recovery and disposal of waste resulting from construction and demolition activities plays a fundamental role in the protection of the environment and in the control of the territory.

The Legislative Decree No. 152/2006 chapter IV "Authorizations and registrations" of IV part, provides for the reuse of inert materials in the building sector and in environmental recovery only if they have been subjected to a treatment of grinding in special equipped areas.

As you can imagine, this waste materials come from a wide range of activities, such as construction, maintenance, renovation, demolition of public and private buildings. But also from civil and infrastructural works; from industrial activities of the sectors including the prefabricated industry, ceramics, ornamental stones, the manufacture and prefabrication of elements and components of civil buildings (bricks, tiles, structural elements in reinforced concrete, etc.).

There are lots of studies and experimentation that move towards the opening of new and multiple fields of application for these materials. Mec fully understands the spirit of European and national legislation aimed at encouraging the stone waste recycling through crushing, enhancing their use both in economic and environmental terms through the crushing and transforming the waste into elements of real design.

The range of MEC crushing machines for the stone waste recycling allows to crush and select inert materials of various kinds, such as marble, granite, cement, agglomerate, ceramic, porcelain, glass, aluminium castings. These machines offer the possibility to give value to a by-product which would otherwise be treated as waste, in order to optimize the product and eliminate the costs of storage, transport and disposal in authorized landfills.

In addition to the maximum consideration of the customer, Mec also turns its attention to the environment, choosing to offer a range of machinery for crushing and grinding stone and concrete. Not only MEC crushers can exploit the waste of other production processes, they are in fact a complement to the split technology, producing grit or gravel for road paving or gardens. They are the expression of maximum recycling as well if we consider, for example, that both stone and concrete itself can be crushed and used once again in the production of other cement or composite materials.

The proposals vary according to your needs and the productivity requirements, starting from single jaw crushers of small size to complete lines in both handling and selection. Are you curious to know more? Discover more details in the next article dedicated to MEC crushing machines.

Even today we arrived at the end of this interesting chapter aimed at raising awareness of waste materials through crushing. If you want to get more information or better understand the subject, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page or directly on our Facebook page, a team of experts will be able to satisfy all your needs, doubts or curiosity.


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