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Wall stones: MEC solutions and a few words from folks who have chosen us

One of the primary strengths of MEC is the determination to fully satisfy the requirements of it’s customers. MEC studies the customer challenge from all angles with the intention of creating the ideal solution. Every system that MEC sells is a custom solution to each purchaser’s set of unique challenges.

An example of this process is included in the following case study. We want to share this successful experience that led MEC to add another delighted customer.

The customer requirement

The primary need that drove the customer to contact MEC was a desire to replace a manual machine, with a more automated splitting line. This line would produce not only a variety of wall stones, but also borders and cobblestones.

One of the early challenges faced by MEC in designing this new line, however, was the need to ensure the same versatility found in a manual system. The characteristics of natural stone and demands of a market who always wants a different shape of stone product has up to now required the operator to be present and experienced. In the design of its automatic line, therefore, MEC placed versatility as a key feature, while not compromising on other aspects.

Equally it was necessary to ensure a net increase in production while maintaining the custom nature of the products obtained: That is to say that while reducing labor, the wall stones must be produced in greater quantities and in different sizes.

A further challenge for MEC was found in the limitation of having to design a package that would fit into the existing plant production footprint. The new automatic line had to be fed with stones coming from existing conveyors and, and the finished products were to continue on other existing conveyors. The automatic line, therefore, had to fit within already set production flow.

The solution studied by MEC

The plant designed by MEC, as a solution to all these needs, is an automatic line which is compact in size and features two H-frame splitting machines.  The first, primary, machine has extended splitting power and a larger width (about 1 meter wide and 120 tons of splitting power). The secondary,  smaller splitter, has 600 mm of width. The two machines that make up the system are connected with a pusher, which advances the split strips from the first machine at 90 ° towards the secondary machine.  This layout and process allows the production of wall stones or cobblestones of almost infinitely varied size.

The versatility of the system is remarkable! It is possible to handle the finished pieces on the existing conveyor directly from the first machine. In addition, the system is completely electronically managed by PLC. All that is required is to simply enter the settings and the production programs using the touch screen, then start the automatic cycle and achieve the desired production, whether of wall stones or other products.

The customer satisfaction was in the conversion from manual machine to automatic line, and it has become only the first part of a long progress. The success of this line and the reduction in labor problems, has convinced the customer to continue in this way. The customer is now reviewing all his operations with an eye to upgrade to further automation.

All customer expectations of this line were met. As originally specified, production output increased, variation associated with labor decreased and overall versatility of the system was maintained.

If you would like to know more about what solutions MEC might offer you and for any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us: the MEC team is at your disposal to help you in finding the machine and system that exactly meets your expectations.

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