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The SZ splitter can be had in manual or automated formats. The difference between this one and a HALF is that SZ is able to...


The HALF is equipped with two horizontal blades, which provide splitting in automatic mode. The original concept was for recovery of thin waste strips from...



A small automatic plant for processing laths or long-sliced materials, obtaining listels, small cladding slabs but also cubes. The Kubo has been designed as a...



These machines are manual and ideal for splitting any kind of stone, but are best suited to irregular, medium or large dimensions. Trittico machinery eliminates...

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The open configuration of the C series of machines lends itself to high speed manual processing. With the operator directly in front of the work,...

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Heavy-duty frame with hydraulically adjusted teeth. PH machines ensure an excellent quality of splitting, especially on material with reduced thickness. Similar to PX splitters, PH...

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Limestone splitters for high quality product

Not sure how to split limestone precisely, quickly and safely? Choose MEC, a company that for over twenty years has been studying and producing machines for splitting limestone and cutting/splitting any type of stone, even the hardest and most resistant ones.

Given its particular composition as a sedimentary rock that can present various stratifications and more compact areas, limestone requires splitting machines created ad hoc, with different forces and splitting blades, in order to obtain a high quality finished product. It is generally extracted in rather regular blocks that can be processed on manual or automatic machines depending on the type of processing required. Split limestone is widely used as building stone, in paving and cladding.

Thanks to its long experience, MEC is able to provide your company with the best limestone splitting machines, designed taking into account all the features that only such a well-established company in the cutting and splitting machine sector can give you. If you choose MEC, you will also be able to count on a highly trained team that can help you choose the right machine for your needs and guarantee complete after-sales assistance.

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