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Max splitting width600 mm
Max split height300 mm
Max splitting thickness300 mm
Number of blades4 cushioned blades
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Max split h.400 mm
Max splitting width400 mm
Max split length1200 mm
Splitting cycleContinuous splitting cycle
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Piece width50 - 300 mm
Piece lengthLength of the piece to run
Min piece thickness200 mm
Production m linear/minuteProduction of 5/6 linear meters per minute
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Piece width50 - 300 mm
Max piece length1000 mm
Min piece thickness20 mm
Production m linear/minuteProduction of 5/6 linear meters per minute
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Max piece length1500 mm
Max stone height170 mm
Max stone width 1000 mm
Type of splitType of automatic split
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Concrete pitching machines for high quality processing

MEC manufactures concrete Pitching machines designed to produce special finishes on slabs and wall stones. They are available in different versions, manual or automatic, to meet your company’s specific needs. All solutions guarantee you a result of the finest quality, whether it is the cutting of a simple edge or a special effect requested by architects and designers.

Concrete is nothing more than a mixture of water, sand, gravel, additives and/or mineral additions. It is a versatile, solid and resistant material from which a variety of blocks, such as fire and plaster blocks, and self-locking blocks can be made. Split and modulated in various finishes it acquires considerable aesthetic value and is used in cladding, walls, masonry, road works and gardens. In recent years, concrete for decorative use has been widely used in construction as it allows architectural effects of considerable beauty to be achieved at a lower price than stone.

To achieve these effects, specially designed Pitching machines are required. Why rely on MEC? Because you will be able to count on high-performance, safe and durable machines, as well as on a team of experts who will be able to help you choose the machine best suited to your reality, both in terms of the size of the blocks to be finished and the budget available to you.

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