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MEC is always by the side of its customers: discover the services we provide

Are you looking for a business partner by your side who supports you not only in the purchase phase of your stone splitting system but also in the the previous and subsequent steps?

For 25 years, MEC has been a world leader in the production branch of machinery dedicated to stone and concrete splitting. Since 1996, MEC solutions have been standing out not only for quality,

such as technology and innovation but also for all the services related to the sale of machinery. It is how MEC guarantees all its customers customized, high-performance systems that are always calibrated to their specific needs. 

Ready to find out which services are we talking about? The MEC team presents them to you one by one in this article.

MEC services are synonymous with reliability, guarantee and precision

To respond effectively to the different needs of customers, MEC always puts first the listening to what are the needs of each reality. The partnership starts from

here: your specific inquiry. Based on the experience acquired in these 25 years, MEC can suggest and guide the customer in choosing the most suitable machinery.

 However, it is possible to carry out preliminary splitting or cutting tests with the material samples provided by the customer: this is how we can identify the optimal solution for him and give him the certainty that the splitting result meets his specific expectations. Then we move on to the actual design of the splitting plant best suited to meet your stone processing needs.

Whether the solution identified is an automatic system or manual, all machines are compatible with Industry version 4.0, connected to your general computer system via PC panel. The high degree of technology driven from MEC will allow you to manage your system through extremely intuitive software. Checking and managing orders, shifts, and maintenance activities have never been easier and faster.

At the beginning of each project, MEC provides all its customers with instructions – translated into the language requested by them – for better preparation for the arrival and subsequent installation of the machinery on the customer site. It is how to make sure of the proper preparation and equip the working environment at your facility. 

And what will happen when the machine gets in your place? Together with every machine MEC also sends

a user e-book containing part drawings, electrical and hydraulic diagrams, useful videos for installation, adjustments, and scheduled maintenance of the entire system.MEC branded services do not end here! To stay in touch with our team you can use the MEC Smartglasses. Wearing this special device, you can be directly involved in testing your machinery and implementing remote assistance to observe work operations live. Thanks to this Smart assistance mode, it is the same as a MEC technician would be physically presented in your company and always at your disposal. 

Safety, speed of intervention, and reduction of diagnosis times: these are just some of the advantages that the MEC Smart Assistance service can offer you. If, on the other hand, you want to book an appointment for a MEC technician to assist you, just choose the date and time from the calendar available on the new portal support on our website.

Whether before, during, or after the purchase you are always supported by MEC. It helps you keep your stone splitting or cutting system always at its maximum performance.

Would you like to know more about all the services MEC might offer your company? Do not hesitate to contact us: our team will be happy to answer all your curiosities.

MEC is always by the side of its customers: discover the services we provide

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