The Slate is a metamorphic rock and shale, normally dark gray. It is a stone easily divided into thin slabs with very regular shape. It is also lightweight, waterproof, weather and frost resistant material.

Widespread in many parts of Europe, it has always been used as a roofing material and for general waterproof covering as well. In addition to the production of whiteboards and billiard boards, slate is currently employed as a cladding material for internal and external faces because of it’s ease of processing and application in historical buildings.

Usually the slate is mined in a quarry and prepared in regular blocks. It is usually split on manual machines because the operator handles the stone and he is able to understand the exact point to placee the blade, and then split the material in the correct way.

Processing machines SLATE

The Fast Series was created specifically as a line of machines for cutting shapeless stone, as in the case of andesite. These machines are, therefore, the ideal solution also for splitting and defining andesite. The Fast Series ensures reduced transport times and increased productivity.

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