The sandstone is a clastic rock that is formed by the concretion of sands over time. As a result, it is very often presented in a composition of flat layers with horizontal and parallel direction.

Sandstones are distinguished by fine grain, medium grain and large grain.

The color of sandstone varies based on its composition: from yellow to red and brown or from light gray to dark blue-gray.

Being easily worked and attractive, sandstone is widely used in interior and exterior decoration.

Sandstone is usually split with manual machines if the sandstone occurs in random shape blocks. If, however, the blocks are presented with sawn surfaces, it can be processed on automatic machines, for example, the P4 series with 4 blades.

After splitting the blocks of sandstone may be finished on the Pitching Side machine to achieve an effect of a convex surface, called Ashlar.

Processing machines SANDSTONE

Splitting plants with automated closed frame machines, customizable in feeding systems and in machine models.

Closed type (H frame) manual machines, characterized by the mechanical adjustment of tools. Suitable for the splitting of large and irregular blocks.

Splitting machine composed of closed (H frame) frame machine equipped with 4 blades, ideal for production of thin material with a high quality split profile.

The machines of the Pitching Series are designed for stone paving with special finishes. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose between manual or automatic machines, which will result in a scape effect or the finishing of stone edges.

The Fast Series was created specifically as a line of machines for cutting shapeless stone, as in the case of andesite. These machines are, therefore, the ideal solution also for splitting and defining andesite. The Fast Series ensures reduced transport times and increased productivity.

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