Publication date: 23/11/2022 Revision date: 23/11/2022

Marble processing: MEC suggests the most suitable machine for you

Elegance and brightness are the qualities that most distinguish this precious material: marble. Its very ancient origins make it a unique and highly appreciated metamorphic stone, as it is able to enhance any environment or structure where it is placed.

A precious but also vulnerable material: this is why it is so important to deal with the processing of marble.

Used to create some of the most renowned works of art and in the construction branch, marble is one of the most common products in both interior and exterior design projects.

With this short guide, MEC suggests the most suitable machine for truly optimal marble processing. Continue reading!

One material, different types of marble processing

Considering the value of this material and being an often-used product to embellish outdoor environments, it is of fundamental importance that the marble processing is provided with the utmost care and precision.

In fact, once extracted, the marble is prepared in slabs and/or blocks, depending on the goals that your company has to achieve. In the second step, to preserve the hardness and resistance of the marble, by removing impurities and porosity from the material, it is polished and ground.

Ideal machines for marble processing: why choose MEC lines?

Why should you choose MEC solutions for marble processing? Because they are reliable, safe, and performing. MEC has a wide range of systems for marble splitting, which differs in size and operation depending on the shape to be obtained and the level of automation required:

  • P4 series: to ensure clean and precise splitting of the sawn marble blocks. The machines that belong to this series are designed for processing marble. However, more generally, they can make all those products with particular qualities, such as, for example, travertine.
  • C series. You can then choose between the different MEC models according to the height and splitting power you want to obtain. The blade retraction time is adjustable to ensure maximum machine productivity.
  • Horizontal T1 and T2 machines are accordingly equipped with one and two splitting heads. They are Ideal for recovering sawn marble slabs for split-face veneer or split-face cladding tiles production.
  • Beaver is the automatic machine for processing marble edges, ideal for obtaining covers and steps with a rustic effect.

Among marble cutting machines MEC, you can really find the alternative for keeping the rustic face of the stone that suits you based on the productivity you are going to achieve:

  • The FAST series is equipped with diamond blades for cutting and processing marble and any other type of irregular stone, including granite and concrete.

The marble leftover can also be crushed with:

  • STARK jaw crusher is perfect for crushing marble waste and other materials, including concrete and glass.
  • CRUNCH hammer mill for marble crushing and aggregates of low and medium hardness. CRUNCH is the solution for working marble capable of enhancing this material, giving it the required degree of refinement.


The MEC team’s experience in the splitting branch of this material allows you to choose from a wide range of machines capable of guaranteeing optimal marble processing, maximizing your company output, and making the splitting process safe and fast.

If you are curious about our solutions for working marble and other stones in details, contact the MEC team: we are at your convenience to answer all your questions on the subject. Together we will choose the machine that best suits your needs!

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