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The Pitching Side is a machine with a closed and vertical structure equipped with 4 fixed blades that finish the edges of a split block,...

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The Horizontal T2, is a two head machine that pitches both sides of natural stone slabs in one single step, in order to obtain thin...



The Horizontal T1 is a single head machine that, peels, i.e. pitches, natural stone pieces for the production of thin veneer and wall claddings with...

cover image pitching one


The Pitching One is a small automatic plant for finishing the edges of blocks. It is ideal for those who need high volume and consistent...

fast 5 cat


This saw is appropriate for those companies requiring the highest level of production output. 5 in-line blades, operating with adjustable step cut, guarantees a very...

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The FAST 3 is a thin veneer cutting machine equipped with two diamond in-line blades, with the ability to accommodate blades of different diameter on...

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Sandstone finishing machines for high quality process

With the MEC sandstone finishing machines you can achieve impeccable results in a very short time, from a simple bevelled edge to a special rustic or convex effect. Reliable and precise, they are designed to meet your company’s needs quickly and easily, enhancing the material and preserving the safety of your employees.

With its unique composition of flat, horizontal and parallel layers, sandstone is a popular rock for interior and exterior design solutions. It is formed over very long periods of time, following the cementing of different sands. This is why there are various types of sandstone – generally all easily workable – that differ in colour and composition.

Drawing on the experience gained in over twenty years of activity, MEC designs and manufactures high-performance and safe sandstone finishing machines, available in various sizes and with manual or fully automatic drive, capable of processing other types of rock as well. Not sure which solution is best for your company? Let our highly qualified staff advise you. At MEC, you can also count on prompt pre- and after-sales service to meet your every need.

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