The wall stones is a particular type of wall built with suitably arranged and assembled stone blocks, without the use of binders or mortars of any kind. The wall stones are made of local materials, including limestone, granite, sandstone and quartzite. The quality and type of wall stones for buildings vary greatly, in terms of product durability, resistance to water penetration and ability to be processed in regular shapes before construction.

In our days the wall stones with natural floor are very used mainly in containment of the slopes along the roads, traditional trait that distinguishes the northern parts of Italy. In recent years, their usage with split surface is very popular along streams and rivers and confining walls.

Processing machines WALL STONES

Integrated combination of conveyors and open manual machines enabling faster handling and less operator fatigue.

Mec offers plants featured with a simple automation, ideal for customers who is approaching the world of splitting for the first time or having limited production requirements. However, they are custom made systems for obtaining different finished products.

Individual manual machines with open (C frame) frame. The stone can be handled several times with ease thanks to the presence of the workbench.

MEC automated concrete splitting lines can handle the loading, moving, splitting, unloading and palletizing operations for concrete products without the need for operator intervention.

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