The choice of material to be used for window sills will be addressed mainly depending on what you want to do. For sills of external use it is appropriate to choose resistant stones exposure to frost and rain (such as porphyry, granite), while for the interior you can choose the most delicate and special materials such as marble. For each sill it is possible to choose the size, the thickness and type of profiling.

You can decide to apply to the surface a polished finish, sanded, brushed, sandblasted or bush-hammered. In general we can say that the shiny or polished surfaces are more elegant and easy to clean. While the most rough surfaces have a more rustic and natural charm and require a bit 'more maintenance and effort in cleaning.

Processing machines SILLS

Closed type (H frame) manual machines, characterized by the mechanical adjustment of tools. Suitable for the splitting of large and irregular blocks.

Splitting machine composed of closed (H frame) frame machine equipped with 4 blades, ideal for production of thin material with a high quality split profile.

Always working on the finishing of the edges and the rounded effect of wall stones already split, the PITCHING ONE is the fully automatic version in both handling and processing.

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