Among the natural surface processing, the stone slabs, which provide for the transformation of a regular cut product, whether it be milled or split, is definitely the most valuable format. Every single variety of stone (porphyry, Luserna, granite, gneiss, travertine) expresses the best of its peculiarities not only based on the quality of the material, but also thanks to the choice of a particular size of the format, and finishing of the surface. The variety of materials and surface finishes allows the slabs range to be used in different contexts according to structural needs and loads. The slabs are used for the realization of finished products in general such as stone floors and furniture for kitchen and countertops, sinks and showers. The concrete slabs, for example, represent the simplest and most cost-effective solution to achieve walkways and exterior floorings.
The veneers, however, are perfect for the paving of terraces, swimming pools, porches and driveways, for squares, shopping places and all the pedestrian areas in which fundamentals are the functionality and aesthetics. The thin veneers are inspired by natural stone, they are characterized by a slightly raised surface, reminiscent of the split stone. The slabs and the veneers are very weather-resistant, slip-resistant, durable and easy to maintain products.


Splitting plants with automated closed frame machines, customizable in feeding systems and in machine models.

Closed type (H frame) manual machines, characterized by the mechanical adjustment of tools. Suitable for the splitting of large and irregular blocks.

Splitting machine composed of closed (H frame) frame machine equipped with 4 blades, ideal for production of thin material with a high quality split profile.

Always working on the finishing of the edges and the rounded effect of wall stones already split, the PITCHING ONE is the fully automatic version in both handling and processing.

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