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Max piece length1500 mm
Max stone height170 mm
Max stone width 1000 mm
Type of splitType of automatic split
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t2 1



Piece width50 - 300 mm
Max piece length1000 mm
Min piece thickness20 mm
Production m linear/minuteProduction of 5/6 linear meters per minute
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macchina horizontal t1 1



Piece width50 - 300 mm
Piece lengthLength of the piece to run
Min piece thickness200 mm
Production m linear/minuteProduction of 5/6 linear meters per minute
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Max split h.400 mm
Max splitting width400 mm
Max split length1200 mm
Splitting cycleContinuous splitting cycle
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Max splitting width600 mm
Max split height300 mm
Max splitting thickness300 mm
Number of blades4 cushioned blades
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Marble faceting machines for high quality process

At MEC you can find the best marble faceting machines, high-performance equipment that can be customised to the specific needs of your business. Available in different models, they are reliable and safe both for the material and for those who will work in close contact with them. From small machines to larger systems, MEC offers you a wide range of flexible and easy-to-use solutions, plus the assistance of a highly trained team that will support you during purchase and after-sales.

Virtually perfect, free of any defects, bright and resistant, marble has been a rock used since antiquity. Appreciated for its lustre and extreme hardness, it requires solid and reliable machinery to be faceted without losing the characteristics that make it such a popular material even in design solutions for interior and exterior spaces.

MEC can supply a marble faceting machine that fully meets your company’s needs. In fact, our equipment is developed with the knowledge and tricks acquired from more than twenty years of work in mind. Choose MEC and make the faceting of marble, and other stones such as sandstone, limestone and marble, a quick and easy operation, allowing you to achieve maximum results with minimum effort.

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