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Max piece length1500 mm
Max stone height170 mm
Max stone width 1000 mm
Type of splitType of automatic split
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Piece width50 - 300 mm
Max piece length1000 mm
Min piece thickness20 mm
Production m linear/minuteProduction of 5/6 linear meters per minute
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Piece width50 - 300 mm
Piece lengthLength of the piece to run
Min piece thickness200 mm
Production m linear/minuteProduction of 5/6 linear meters per minute
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Max split h.400 mm
Max splitting width400 mm
Max split length1200 mm
Splitting cycleContinuous splitting cycle
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Max splitting width600 mm
Max split height300 mm
Max splitting thickness300 mm
Number of blades4 cushioned blades
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Limestone faceting machines for high quality product

If you do not have the right equipment, limestone faceting could become a long and difficult job, during which you could risk ruining the material or endangering the safety of your employees. At MEC you can find the best limestone faceting machines, equipment conceived and designed thanks to the company’s constant search for innovative solutions over the years.

Limestone is a very special rock: its composition varies according to many factors, such as the place where it was formed or the age of the rocks. It is often formed by several stratifications, an aspect that requires specific machinery, designed taking into account the characteristics of the material to be worked, such as the different consistencies it may encounter even in a single block, to preserve the beauty that makes it so sought after.

MEC offers you a wide range of limestone faceting machines that can be customised to suit your specific needs, both in terms of budget and processing and production quantities. They are reliable equipment for both the product and the personnel who will work closely with them, flexible and easy to use.

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