Are you looking for faceting machines for cutting and processing any type of stone? Customizable and versatile, MEC faceting machines are synonymous with high performance, robustness and durability. There are different models, together we will choose the most suitable one for your company.

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Within the range of Pitching Machines, we also included the MEC Beaver, an automatic machine that allows creation of split face on edge. Just like a beaver, in fact, this machine "eats", i.e. peels/pitches the sides of slabs, covers or steps giving them a rustic effect, once laid. This is...

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The Horizontal T1 is a single head machine that, peels, i.e. pitches, natural stone pieces for the production of thin veneer and wall claddings with one face split side in view. The Horizontal T1 can pitch different kind of stones: starting from the softest, such as sandstone and marble, to...

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The Horizontal T2, is a two head machine that pitches both sides of natural stone slabs in one single step, in order to obtain thin veneer products and wall claddings with one face split side in view. This small plant, with automatic feeding and splitting cycle, allows to split different...

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The Pitching One is a small automatic plant for finishing the edges of blocks. It is ideal for those who need high volume and consistent productivity. This small machine is equipped with 4 rotating heads, two with vertical action and two with horizontal action. These specific rotating heads refine the...

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The Pitching Side is a machine with a closed and vertical structure equipped with 4 fixed blades that finish the edges of a split block, creating a rounded effect on the split face. This finishing is very sought after by architects and designers. The operation is extremely simple: the operator...

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