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To increase productivity and to select different grains, MEC crushers can also be supplied as complete lines, generally composed of hopper conveyor belt, STARK crusher...

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Ideal for secondary crushing, the CRUNCH hammer mill is a horizontal axis machine provided with rotating hammers. It is characterised by the high degree of...

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STARK jaw crushers are ideal for crushing not only waste marble, granite and natural stone, but also a wide variety of different materials such as...

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Sandstone crushers for high quality process

With an MEC sandstone crusher, you can solve the big problem of waste quickly and easily, reducing the costs involved in transporting, storing and disposing of processing residues. The resulting granules can also find new life in road and urban construction or be used to create something completely new.

Sandstone is a clastic rock with a very special composition: it has a succession of flat, horizontal and parallel layers formed by the cementing of sands over centuries. This particular process gives the stone a very attractive appearance, which makes it ideal for elegant interior and exterior furnishing solutions, such as claddings, walls and columns, but also fireplaces, shower and kitchen tops, stairs and furniture elements.

A truly effective sandstone crusher is designed to meet the needs of your company, which may also need to preserve the characteristics of this material in order to reuse waste in recovery projects. MEC assures you maximum professionalism and efficiency thanks to a wide range of machines and plants capable of obtaining different grit sizes, processing various materials and minimising vibrations discharged during the crushing process.

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