Publication date: 29/10/2021 Revision date: 19/04/2022

Concrete splitting plant: the MEC experience

Concrete is an extremely used material in many branches and for numerous purposes. In order to obtain high-quality finish products from this material, however, concrete splitting machines must have certain capabilities to guarantee the precision and optimal result.

With this in mind, MEC has recently created an automatic and customized concrete splitting system based on the customer’s needs. In this article, we want to tell you about this important experience, a further success that we have reached starting from the desire to fully satisfy our customers.

Starting point: customer needs

Any type of the MEC systems, are designed and built according to the needs of the individual customer: in fact, it is the only way when it’s possible to create a machine that suites perfectly to the reality where it is installed and that can make real difference.

One of the latest MEC projects was born with a request from Scotland for an automatic plant for concrete splitting.

The main requirement was linked to high productivity, and also to the condition of use already existing manipulators for the loading of the concrete blocks to be processed and, subsequently, for the unloading of the finished products.

Also, there were some limitations in terms of space: in fact, the plant had to be placed within a predetermined area, among other concrete processing lines.

A further need of the customer to respond to was the splitting of the concrete forms first in one direction and then at 90°, then recomposing of pallet layers with various blocks obtained on the machine.

The construction of the system

Considering all the customer’s needs, MEC has studied a fit-to-size solution that allows to satisfy the request by 100%. The result is a plant for concrete splitting that can guarantee high productivity, thanks also to its compact design that reduces the size and an innovative electronic system supplied.

Specifically, MEC has opted for the construction of a straight line, consisting of three conveyors with mobile tables and two splitting machines. In short, its operation takes place as follows: the manipulator loads the concrete unit on the first mobile table of the first conveyor, which brings it closer to the machine; subsequently, the pusher installed on the conveyor pushes the block under the blade to preset measure, done by the operator in the program. 

In this way you obtain the pieces which come on the second table: the table is not only mobile but also rotating. The table turns 90° and thanks to the pusher the second machine is fed, always according to the measures that can be easily set in the program. The finished pieces then arrive on the third mobile table and led to the end of the conveyor, where the second manipulator can offload and palletize them.

The presence of the mobile and rotating table in the middle offers a significant advantage in terms of space since it allows you to keep the system in a straight line and not at 90°, reducing the overall dimensions.
Like all MEC automatic systems, this one is also equipped with a remote assistance service that allows timely intervention on a distance.


To satisfy the customer’s request even during this particular period, when the restrictions and limits imposed for the safety and health of people have changed the regular operation, MEC will proceed to a remote support installation. Thanks to the detailed instructions sent to the customer to arrange correct unloading and positioning of the system in line,

and also thanks to a constant telephone and videoconference support, the plant will be in operation right after the delivery. For more information on our solutions or for any questions and curiosities, you are welcome to contact us: the MEC team is at your convenience and is ready to respond to your requests.

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