Kasota Stone: a big success of MEC in the United States
Publication date: 26/11/2021 Revision date: 12/04/2022

Kasota Stone: a big success of MEC in the United States

Kasota Stone: a big success of MEC in the United States

Kasota Stone is a new leader in quarrying and distributing stone throughout the United States: the company offers limestone, granite, and marble with high standards of product quality and customer service. In fact, its mission is very clear: Using Natural Stone Resources to Enrich Lives and Enhance Communities.

Builders, artists, and architects from all over the world have relied on Kasota Stone, for more than one hundred and thirty years, for the beauty, natural strength, and timeless appeal of its native limestones. Back in 2014, the company opened new quarries, thanks to the development of a proven process to further use this historic limestone.

Over the years, Kasota Stone has approached Mec step by step, starting with purchase used machines: two small automatic splitting units. Subsequently, discovering the high technological level, the attention to detail, and the wide range of automated solutions for stone splitting, the company decides to rely again on Mec, starting from the primary dialog with the sales director. During this phase, Kasota Stone’s desire has been perceived: a search for a solution for finishing the split-face stone with a more rounded effect, paying particular attention to pitching machines. The project can be achieved through the professionalism and customization skills of the Mec technical team, available at any time.

Kasota Stone: a big success of MEC in the United States

The need:

Before Mec’s intervention, Kasota Stone carried out the process entirely by hand and only on limestone.

Now, however, it has been applied even on

hard material such as granite, thus giving the possibility of having this finishing on many products: from stairs to building stones used in gardens. The need to increase productivity while maintaining a high quality of the finished product was therefore fully satisfied.

The result:

Beyond each story, there are the words that matter most, and we end this article with those words of the customer from Mr. Jake Barkley, Principal Founder, which we report below:

“This is our third MEC piece of equipment, they are all state of the art, quality machines. The MEC machine is easy to set up and easy to operate.

The stone moves through quickly and puts a great finished product out the other end. The neat edges makes it easier to install for the contractor and it presents better overall to the client. This machine is adding a lot of value to our finished product and gives us an advantage over the competition. Thanks MEC!”

Thank you Jake, thank you Kasota Stone!

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