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Stone crushing: recover and recycle waste with MEC machines

Nov 17, 2021 12:50:25 PM

Would you like to guarantee greater productivity and quality in stone processing? Among the different alternatives on the market, you can also find the machines and plants for crushing stone, branded MEC. Crushers, plants, and professional lines ideal for processing stone, aggregates, and concrete: MEC solutions are mostly used to reduce the volume of waste.

In addition to recycling, what are the advantages deriving from the use of this type of machine? The materials are recovered, getting more value, saving on the costs of storage, disposal, and transport of the aggregates.

For each crushing line, it is possible to choose the appropriate accessories according to the type of crusher used, and according to the specific needs of the customer. However, despite the high degree of customization that characterizes MEC plants, all the proposed solutions are featured by their heavy-duty frames. It allows minimizing the vibrations generated by the crushing process. In addition, the MEC lines ensure optimal treatment of even the most abrasive and resistant materials.

The maximum level of profitability is reached when the MEC crushers are supplied as complete lines with loading conveyor, crusher Stark, conveyor belt, and multi-level vibrating screen.

An example? To ensure a higher yield, you can choose Stark crushers in a complete plant. These are the perfect solutions for crushing scraps and materials of various kinds. Thanks to their heavy and compact frame, it is possible to obtain grain of different sizes, depending on the jaws are more opened or closed.

The MEC team is always ready to respond to the needs of each customer. For this reason, we offer 3 individual and different crushers that differ in size, capacity, and level of productivity:

Stark 5.5

  • feeder 250 mm x 150 mm;
  • motor: 5.5 kw;
  • productivity: from 0.5 to 2.5 tons / hour depending on the material processed and the opening of the jaws.

Stark 7.5

  • feeder 350 mm x 150 mm;
  • motor: 7.5 kw;
  • productivity: from 0.5 to 2.5 tons / hour depending on the material processed and the opening of the jaws.

Stark 15

  • feeder 400 mm x 150 mm;
  • motor: 15 kw;
  • productivity: from 3 to 15 tons / hour depending on the material processed and the opening of the jaws

The product from crushers can be used not only to reduce the volume of waste but also for road construction, street furniture, or as material for new products

For the last few weeks, MEC has been building a line requested by a customer, consisting of a STARK 5.5 plant, conveyor, and 3-deck screen to select 4-grain sizes.

This stone crushing line is used to manufacture the terrazzo, a composite construction material made by combining fragments of different materials such as marble, quartz, and granite. All these materials are mixed in the concrete base. 

Terrazzo is a unique and extremely flexible material. It adapts to the style of any project, representing an ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor environments. In most cases, it is used to create floors and countertops as a decorative element or to complete pieces of furniture.


Why should you eliminate the waste of material when it can be used to create a new product? Thanks to the stone crushing, with MEC systems, it is possible to recycle the otherwise non-recoverable waste and re-use it to recreate ecological furnishing products, with a unique design and exceptional durability.

Would you like to talk to MEC experts and discover all the plants suitable for stone recycling? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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