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Industry 4.0 Plan: facilitations and safety with MEC

Aug 24, 2020 5:39:24 PM

Meeting the needs of its customers is one of the highest priorities for MEC, always attentive to all the news and updates in the branch. In addition to maintaining a varied and quality offer with progressive improvement over the years, our company is also careful to use all the financial tools that can accommodate the customers in their investments. To help our customers both in Italy and abroad, in this article, we collect the different opportunities that MEC can make you catch.


Italy: Industry 4.0 national plan

For Italian MEC customers, there is the opportunity to take advantage of the Industry 4.0 Plan, which offers companies incentive profits to take advantage of the possibilities of digital and interconnections to the so-called fourth industrial revolution.

The incentives of the Industry 4.0 Plan provide for a tax credit of 40%. For companies in Southern Italy, there is a 45% surcharge. These benefits can be combined with the capital goods bonus of 2020 (the Nuova Sabatini), which covers an additional 10% of the investment value if the machinery is purchased with a loan.

MEC has adapted its machinery to the requirements of the Industry 4.0 Plan, in order to offer customers this extraordinary opportunity to innovate, taking advantage of all the available economic benefits. As an option, to any of the 4.0 machines in the range, MEC can also supply a PC, complete with 4.0 management software.

For even more efficient service, MEC relies on a trusted agency for financing practices and a trusted expert for the certification of machinery 4.0 at the customer’s place, thus proposing direct channels. The benefits provided by the Industry 4.0 Plan are valid for all new machinery - purchased both with financing and leasing - with the payment of the deposit by 31st December 2020.

Abroad: deferred payments with Sace Simest

Thanks to the tools made available by Sace Simest, partner of Italian companies for export and internationalization, MEC can offer its customers abroad particularly advantageous terms of payment.

First of all the MEC sales team together with the customer develops the most appropriate solution to the inquiry: it can be a machine or a plant for splitting, cutting, or crushing stone or concrete. Subsequently, Sace Simest evaluates and approves the request for payment in installments. With the condition of a minimum percentage of down payment, the customer can easily pay in convenient half-yearly installments up to a maximum of 5 years.

Choosing the quality of MEC technology and services, with the serenity of a deferred payment, is easy and advantageous.

Italy and abroad: the Grenke operating lease

Finally, an opportunity valid for all our customers: the Grenke operational rental. If your company needs to innovate and equip itself with MEC technology to grow its business, the Grenke operating lease can be an excellent opportunity. Actually, Grenke allows you to equip yourself with the right tools sustainably and flexibly, to plan investments with safety.

Also, for these practices, MEC is in collaboration with a trusted agency in order to ensure the opening and approval of Grenke Italia practices in a timely and safe way.

The MEC sales team is at your convenience for any information: to submit new offers, or update existing proposals, do not hesitate to contact us!

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