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Automated concrete splitting plant: the quality guaranteed by MEC

Concrete is one of the most used building materials in the construction branch: it is no coincidence that there is a great variety of plants dedicated to its processing.
For many years MEC experts have been producing efficient and performing stone splitting machines. 

In this short article, we talk about the concrete splitting system designed by MEC, and what options does it have, as a complete and automated solution. Let’s see together how it works and how it meets the production requirements of different customers.

The automation of the MEC system: the solution that can be exactly right for you.

The concrete splitting plant made by MEC allows managing the loading, unloading, handling, splitting, and palletizing of concrete products in a completely automatic way.
State-of-the-art handling and PLC management make it possible to obtain countless advantages, including high and continuous production, excellent quality of the split, and a wide range of diversified products.

In addition, Mec splitting systems for concrete may be customized according to different needs: for example, an automatic waste handling system can be integrated, which allows improving the entire production process.
The technology underlying our systems always constitutes an added value. Being equipped with automatic control, the production status of the stone splitting machine can be monitored remotely, from a PC, or through an application on a smartphone.

The automatic plant for the concrete splitting MEC allows to load of several concrete blocks with the same shape and size at the same time. It avoids loading and unloading only one block at a time, reducing the entire production time. The layer with all the split concrete pieces is reassembled again on the pallet in a single step. The plant is equipped with two Cartesian manipulators: one for loading and one for unloading, both equipped with a 4-arm closure to unload even small pieces of finished concrete product.

Once the material has been positioned on the input table, the automatic pusher advances it, bringing the block under the blades and splitting it according to the set size. The waste pieces are eliminated and removed using a conveyor belt.
The quality material then ends up on a second table. This table is rotatable at 90 °, carrying the material towards the next splitting phase.
Even here, the first piece of the block, as well as the last one is waste. So they are removed exactly as it happened during the first step. Subsequently, through a pusher and a mobile table, the material will be positioned in the unloading area.

The manipulator automatically takes the layer and carries it to the unloading conveyor belt. When the plant detects that the pallet is finished, the conveyor moves forward so that the manipulator can grab an empty wooden pallet from its pallet holder to position it on the conveyor belt. Thus the concrete processing and splitting cycle begins again. The machine is also equipped with a specific system that allows you to set up to 40 splitting programs.

Should any adjustments be necessary, MEC also guarantees its customers remote assistance service.
The productivity and operation of the concrete splitting plant can be controlled by Smartphone or from any PC of the customer. Using the concrete splitting plants MEC the high quality of the finished product is also guaranteed because of the operation with side blades and the pressure accumulator system (mounted on the machine).


The concrete splitting system made by MEC professionals allows complete control of the loading, unloading, handling, and splitting of the material.
The waste handling phase is also managed in an automated way thanks to the perfect synchronization of manipulators, conveyors, rotary tables, and splitting machines. It allows to increase the output and streamline the entire production process. It also makes the work of the operators much easier.

Before delivery, the Mec plant is carefully tested with samples provided by the customer to be sure that the product fully meets the customer’s needs. To discover the quality of MEC solutions, do not hesitate to contact us: our team of experts is at your disposal for any questions!

Automated concrete splitting plant: the quality guaranteed by MEC

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