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Attention to the customer

Mec customer service is a hallmark of the company. Beginning with the gathering of information and engineering to ensure appropriate application and machine performance, and continuing throughout the life of the machine, MEC is with you every step of the way.

Technical site visits, email or phone, MEC is available to answer questions and support our customers.

Mec has a well-stocked warehouse for spare parts in order to respond quickly to customer requests. Most parts ship within 24 hours. MEC maintains a warehouse of parts in North America as well.

MEC has developed industry leading tools to enable customers to maintain their MEC equipment in top working order. Besides our quick support of the customers over the phone or email, we have such tools like E-book and App MYMEC.


User e-book

User e-book is a digital and innovative device supplied to the customer with every machine.

Thanks to the E-book the customer can:

  • Download the manuals and documents to PC desktop using a connection cable;
  • Watch and download installation video guides;
  • Watch and download the autonomous self directed maintenance video guide. On the side of this e-book there are some symbols, each symbol represents an activity of this plan to do. There is also complete layout of the machine/line with serial number.




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Live assistance with app MYMEC

The App MYMEC is free, easy for downloading, and developed for every platform. After first signing up, this application gives to the customer possibility of asking for live assistance from the call center of MEC with ability to add more details about the issue, like pictures or videos. It is possible to ask for a quotation for spare parts.

Download our APP

available for:



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The internal production process is regulated by the ISO 9001 certification procedures that help to work in quality, respecting the data delivery times and the OHSAS 18001 certification procedures that allow the MEC team to work in complete safety. The recognition and certification of Made in Italy issued by Confindustria Marmomacchine, certify the excellence and production of the plants, as well as their components, made strictly in Italy.

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