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MEC: precision, power and personalization

In the wide range of possible technologies, MEC stands as a world leader in both the processing of stone and cement and the design of integrated systems for splitting of stone and cement.

20 years of experience in stone splitting machines and crushers make MEC an excellent choice for partner. MEC equipment is installed in over 60 countries. A wide range of products meets even the most challenging customer demands, but it is the ability to customize and integrate the machines and plants which allows MEC to develop solutions to even the most thorny problems. It is especially in this area of integration that the engineering abilities at MEC are visible. From the beginning, all equipment is designed to be modular and can be integrated into different plants allowing quick response to changing customer and market demands.

Before and after the purchase, MEC offers precision, power and personalized support, no matter where in the world the requirement is found.

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